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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i have no idea how to set my blog up so people can read it it seems like i'm the only living person who can truly know the inner workings of my genius mind

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i've got a cold but it's not the worst cold i've ever had! mum says feed a cold starve the flu so yesterday i bought some mini danish pastries and sat in front of the TV and ate all day. round about lunchtime i felt guilty for not making the most of my time how dumb is that? i looked at my puffy face in the bathroom mirror and told myself "give yourself a break, you're ill!" i took my own advice and proceeded to take it easy all day.
i ventured out a little later and bought a t shirt for £2.50 and a £50 rucksack for £9.99 sweet.

Friday, February 20, 2004

i hate shaving, although with my job (and the fact that i work in a cupboard) i can get away with shaving only once a week. i mean i tried electric razors but the rip my skin to shreds and it feels like my face is being burned with chemicals. i tried shaving every day but my face had the look of a homer simpson or fred flintstone. it was like a beard shaped dirty grey colour. so once a week for about two or maybe three days i look clean shaven. if i was a film star i would totally mess up the continuity, after like a day of shooting i'd have to take a week to achieve the same look! i guess it's lucky i'm not a film star, mind you, i could be an action hero type they always have stubble, or maybe like the guy from lord of the rings who loves the fairy princes girl. i could do that.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

i know i'm busy but i just don't know where to start i'm always more focussed on my day off! why is that?
maybe when your brain is relaxed all the relevant information flows freely and the more tense you get that same information gets squished and you end up mincing and faffing!
the good news is the sun is out today. i saw it before i got to work, in my office with no windows. i must make the effort to go out and check it's still there or it'll get to home time and i'll have missed the sunniest day for ages.
it's strange how the weather has such a powerful effect on people i guess it's cos it's a force outside of our control. God's constant reminder that no matter how smart we think we get we're never actually in control. He is.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

well it's not been a bad day by any stretch, the days are getting a little longer i think i saw the sun at least for a little while today.
the trouble is i don't have a window so i don't really know whats going on outside.
remember how when you're a kid and your dad took you to the cinema, and remember than really freaky feeling when you walk outside and it's got dark while you've been watching the film... well i get that most days in winter now!
played this for a little light relief, then i let my friend play on it and she played it and laughed as you do...
trouble is she got a really high score without trying and when i got on again it went from fun to major frustration.
video games were never my strong point. it's good tho cos it meant i had more time in the back garden to learn how to ollie!
to be honest i don't have much to say. i need to go to the toilet and then get on with some work. but now at least i'm up and running so i guess i can come back and write something profound a little later.
ok really need to pee now sorry.

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